Link to ASLA Newsletter – January 2017

“Welcome to 2017” – Message from the President
Although 2016 was a difficult year in many respects, it was a year of significant accomplishment for the Autism Society of Los Angeles.  With the leadership of our Executive Director, Kim Sinclair, we made significant progress on our journey to increase the impact ASLA has on the community.  Key accomplishments in 2016 include:
  • 2016 Self-Determination Conference
  • Reimagine Autism Awards Luncheon
  • Camp Navin – Residential Camp for Young Adults
  • LAPD Autism Awareness Training – Expanded to include jail personnel
  • Project AutTrain – Training for Medical personnel in the community
  • Kick-off of a Self-Advocate Speaker Bureau
  • Town Hall for Improving Special Education in Schools
In 2016, ASLA also focused on improving its performance as a non-profit organization.  Key efforts included reducing overhead expenses, improving organizational governance and becoming a more professional organization.  Our volunteers made tremendous contributions last year. I want to specifically thank Judy Mark and our Government Relations Committee for their tireless efforts. 2016 also marked a year of transition for our Board of Directors. Mari-Anne Kehler assumed the important role of Vice President, and head of our nominating committee.  As a result of her efforts, ASLA is thrilled to introduce five new board members:
  • Enrique Duarte
  • Felicia Ford
  • Bita Kazemini
  • Victor Lira
  • Rubi Saldana
ASLA starts 2017 with a board that is larger, more capable and much more diverse than last year.  With the inclusion of Self-Advocates Enrique Duarte and Christine Motokane, and board members representing a variety of backgrounds and geographic areas of Los Angeles, we hope to more accurately represent the disability community.
It is with great excitement that we start 2017.  Key areas of focus this year will include partnering with other non-profits to improve service delivery to those in the community and full implementation of the Self-Determination law.  Our initiatives are only made possible through the generous contributions by our sponsors, donors, and members – Thank you! Please join our efforts by clicking the link below to become a member….
Looking forward to a year of great things,
Andy Kopito
Autism Society of Los Angeles