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Did you know that one-third of all people with autism in California live in Los Angeles County? The Autism Society of Los Angeles is a non-profit 501c3 corporation serving millions of people in the L.A. area affected by autism. Please support our mission, vision and values to make a difference in the lives of people with autism and their families here in our community.
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Image of a 2 day old baby
Red puzzle piece that says Birth to Age 3
Image of a smiling middle school girl soaking wet from head to toe
Green puzzle piece that says Elementary school
Image of a young boy in graduation cap and gown
Yellow puzzle piece that says Ages 3 to 5, Transition to school
Image of an Autistic teenage boy playing basketball
Blue puzzle piece that says Middle school
Image of an Autistic artist sharing his paintings with a fan
Purple puzzle piece that says Adulthood
Image of an Autistic high-schooler avoiding eye contact with an adult
Orange puzzle piece that says High School, transition to Adulthood
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Welcome to the Autism Society of Los Angeles
Find Your Voice. Be The Solution. Create Community.™
This comprehensive website provides essential information and resources about the Autism Spectrum. We provide important information about autism, how it can affect an individual, and the services that he or she might need. Our goal is to help empower individuals with autism, their families, and professionals to advocate and navigate the service systems in Los Angeles County.

We need your support and contributions to carry out our mission in L.A.! Money raised here stays here to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders TODAY. Click on Donate Now to make a tax-deductible contribution or click on Action Network to volunteer.
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Bienvenidos a la Sociedad de Autismo de Los Ángeles
Encuentre Su Voz. Sea la Solución. Cree Comunidad.™
Queremos que este sitio sea un recurso integral sobre autismo. Intentamos proporcionar información valiosa sobre autismo, cómo puede afectar a alguien que lo tiene, y los servicios que se pueden necesitar. Nuestra meta es capacitar a las personas con autismo, sus familiares, y a las personas que trabajan con ellos a abogar efectivamente y a navegar el sistema de servicios en el condado de Los Ángeles.

!Necesitamos su apoyo y contribuciones para llevar a cabo nuestra misión en Los Ángeles!

Los fondos recaudados en Los Ángeles se quedan aquí (no se envían a otros estados) para mejorar la vida de las personas con trastornos del espectro autista localmente y Hoy Mismo.

Haga clic sobre el botón de ‘Done Ahora’ (Donate Now) para hacer una contribución, deducible de impuestos, o haga clic sobre el botón de la ‘Red de Acción’ (Action Network) para ser voluntario.
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