Lisette Duarte is a bilingual Los Angeles native, because of her experience raising two children on the autism spectrum, has developed a passion for working with underserved and underprivileged communities. She has extensive experience in grassroots organizing for social justice, educational advocacy, disability rights, equality and inclusions for the African American and Latino communities of California.

Lisette’s 20 years of experience includes project management, fundraising, event/conference management, sponsorship procurement, and multiple outreach, volunteer, and advocacy campaigns for non-profits. She is an experienced speaker, panelist, and moderator.

Lisette has served in the past as the Co-Chair for the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, Los Angeles Regional Advisory Committee, and on several local/school district leadership committees. She regularly facilitates parent groups and conducts workshops on a variety of related topics that are designed to impact equity and minimize disparities in our community. Lisette is also a consultant and board member for several California non-profits and is the Board of Directors Chair for Jazz Hands For Autism.

Lisette, has recently worked on an education immigration project in greater Los Angeles, and is a contributor and founding member of La Comadre, an online platform designed to help educate Latinas/os about school options/choice, share resources, while helping amplify and highlight Latino voices through stories about children and their families.